Diamond Engagement Rings Near Me

You have found love, and now you want to take things a notch higher. You want to surprise her with the best ring she has ever seen. To achieve this, you search for diamond engagement rings near me in your area. Well, this is where Jewelry Artisans come in handy.

We know how important this stage is in your life. That is why we want to make sure everything goes smoothly right from the start to the time you will be tying the knot. Our wide selection of rings for engagement ensures there is something for everyone living in Atlanta, GA. But before you buy a ring from our jewelry store, these are what you need to consider.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

To make sure you are getting a quality and perfect ring for your partner, these are the factors you need to have in mind when buying one.

The 4Cs

Buying a ring in Atlanta, GA is no different from buying a ring elsewhere. Simply put, like in other places, you must know the 4Cs when buying a ring in Atlanta. But what are these 4Cs?

Well, in brief, these are the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. The cut focuses on symmetry, polish, and proportions. All these three determine the ring’s brilliance/brightness, sparkle/scintillation, and fire/flashes of color.

Clarity ranges from Flawless to Included. It basically refers to the absence of inclusions (internal features) and blemishes (surface irregularities). Color ranges from D to Z, where D means the ring is 100-percent colorless and Z means it has a brown or light yellow color.

Last, but not least, there is the carat weight, which determines the apparent size of the ring. It is worth noting that the greater the carat weight, the more valuable and rarer the ring is.

Cut Styles and Shapes

At Jewelry Artisans, we have all the popular cut styles and shapes of diamond engagement rings. We offer a wide range of classic styles to choose from. These are rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and two-tone. A visit to our store will also present you with an opportunity to choose from oval, princess, marquise, emerald, cushion, and round cuts.

Jewelry Artisans know that a ring is a huge investment. That is why we put quality and authenticity before everything else. That being said, our jewelry store should definitely be your destination if you are looking for stunning rings for engagement in Atlanta, GA.