Luvente in Atlanta GA

How can you tell the story of your life without speaking a word? The answer is surprisingly simple, with the right piece of jewelry. This is where Luvente comes in. Each piece of this special occasion jewelry line is designed with an eye for detail and a flare of sophistication. Read on to find out more about these standout Luvente Jewelry in Atlanta GA.

Luvente Rings in Atlant GA

Rings are where the Luvente line really shines. Their bold and vibrant cocktail rings come in a rainbow of colors and feature gorgeous gemstones like blue topaz, amethyst, and vibrant citrine. Many of these rings use playfully contrasting shades of gold.

Luvente Necklaces Collection

Show the world your inner fire and creativity. Luvente necklaces offer everything from large central stones to diamond hearts to multiple cascading rows of chains. These let you transition from workdays to evening entertainment with simply a quick change of jewelry.

Luvente Earrings in Atlant GA

Are you looking for statement-making drop earrings and studs? Luvente has some truly spectacular pieces for you. These use contrasting colors to draw attention, for instance with bright blue gems set off by their warm yellow or rose gold settings.

Luvente Bangles and Bracelets

Luvente takes tennis bracelets to a new level with a style that pairs colored stones with intricate loops of diamonds. You can also find more ornate pieces featuring haloes, where the sparkle of tiny diamonds contrast beautifully with solid metal. To really make an impact, consider one of the line’s bangles with simulated lace-up details.

Artisanal Quality Jewelry

Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable gift or a treat for yourself, you’re sure to find it with the Luvente Jewelry at Jewelry Artisans. Our showroom features one of the finest selections of luxury, special occasion, and wedding jewelry in the Atlanta GA area. Visit our showroom today to find the perfect piece.