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How many jewelry stores have you been to in your neighborhood as you browse around for engagement rings? It can get exhausting popping into store after store yet leaving empty-handed.

If your search has been fruitless to this point, we encourage you to try Jewelry Artisans in Dunwoody GA. Once you step inside or visit our website, we think you’ll quickly see how we’re not like other jewelry stores.

Best Engagement Rings in Dunwoody GA

We’re a family business that has been a Dunwoody staple for 45 years and counting. Our specialties include couture jewelry, bridal jewelry, and custom-designed pieces. We’re confident that if you’ve struggled in your engagement rings search until now that this is where that search ends.

That’s because we stock all the premium engagement ring brands, among them Meira T., Dora, Luvente, Beverly K., Lashbrook, and Carizza. Of course, if none of those designers quite fit the bill, that’s okay, too. Here at Jewelry Artisans, we’re known for our custom jewelry, including engagement rings.

Custom Engagement Rings Design

To get the customization process started, you can come by our shop and talk with one of our trained staff members about the engagement ring. This idea turns into a sketch, which can be tweaked until it gets your approval. Next, we move the sketch to the computer, where we generate a simulated image of the ring.

If all is well to this point, then the next step is to make a 3D wax model. This lets you see what the ring will look like from all angles. Finally, we will design the ring itself, choosing only our finest diamonds and best metals for it.

Visit Jewelry Artisans in Dunwoody GA

Are you ready to shop for or even custom design the perfect engagement ring for her? Call us at Jewelry Artisans at 770-393-0321, visit our website at www.jewelryartisans.com, or visit us on 4500 Olde Perimeter Way.

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