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The engagement ring you slip on her finger should not look like everyone else’s. It should be as unique as the one wearing it. That is why the expert designers at Jewelry Artisans, pride themselves in creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces that will make you engagement ring stand out.

Handcrafted Custom Engagement Rings

Specializing in custom creations, the talented designers and master jewelers have made Jewelry Artisans one of the leading jewelry stores in Atlanta GA. Not satisfied to simply sell engagement rings, our staff here is dedicated to finding the perfect ring for every couple, whether it is something we have in store or a custom design.

It doesn’t matter what the budget, take your ideas to the talented designers here and see what we can create together. Don’t feel that it is out of your hands. You will be a part of the entire process. From the initial sketch to the simulated design you can review, to a wax model that will allow you to see exactly what your final engagement ring will look like, you will be an integral part of its creation, making the final ring your design too.

Large Selection Of Designer Engagement Rings

Or maybe you are not interested in a one-of-a kind design, but still want an engagement ring that is unique. No problem at all. Jewelry Artisan has a full selection of engagement rings from such notable designers as Carizza, Luvente, Lashbrook, Dora, Beverly K and Meira T. Once you have chosen the perfect ring to mark this next step in your life together, don’t forget to check out the selection of matching wedding bands offered by the talented designers at Jewelry Artisans.

Your Perfect Engagement Ring In Atlanta GA

Your engagement deserves to be marked by an outstanding ring that she can show off for years to come. No one can help you find the perfect one like the master jewelers at Jewelry Artisans in Atlanta GA.

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