Beatriz De'Irisarri

Beatriz De'Irisarri: Graduate Gemologist, Head Custom Jewelry Designer and Author

Beatriz Buendia followed the love of her life from her native Colombia, South America and settled in Rowell, Georgia as Mrs.De Irisarri.

While still in Colombia, Beatriz combined her career as an architect with the creativeness of a jewelry artisan. Mrs. De Irisarri's jewelry mentor was Franciso Pineros, with the acclaimed "La Mana" workshop, where he designs and teaches ancestral jewelry techniques, emphasizing work done only by hand. She worked as a bench jeweler for four years and participated in several jewelry exhibitions in her country.

Since moving to the United States, Beatriz has focused exclusively on her career in jewelry design and gemology. She started at Archer International Imports with Victor and Valarie Ferlaino, where she learned the wholesale side of the industry. She continues working at Jewelry Artisans with Jamie Kresl using her skills and  designing hundreds of custom pieces for retail customers.

Beatriz brings to the jewelry industry a unique blend of design qualities, academic training, broad international experience, a particular mixture of contemporary with an ancestral influence and a deep desire to meet the individual taste and needs of her customer.


Education and accreditation :

  • Degree in Architectural Design from the Universidad de Los Andes
  • Graduate Gemologist degree from the Gemology Institute of America
  • Member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers
  • Atlanta Jewelry Show certified Jeweler