Diamond Buying & Selling in Dunwoody GA

Diamond Buying and Selling in Dunwoody, GA

Shopping for the right diamond is a personal and highly individualized experience. Because diamond buying can take time and knowledge, shopping in Dunwoody, Georgia is a plus. Our clients can receive answers on any questions they may have while having the space to decide which diamond is the right fit.

The Right Diamond

There are many considerations to make when purchasing jewelry. The stone, price, band, certificate and size are just a few. To best understand the combination of factors needed to make the right purchase, we can work with you and your current circumstances.

Whether you’re diamond buying or selling, our shop takes special care of the jewelry it receives. If you are interested in finding your stone in a new home, we can guarantee the jewel will remain in pristine condition. While we enjoy making jewels available to a wide range of different incomes, the quality is always our top priority.

Purchasing Diamonds

If you are purchasing a diamond for the first time, there are a few details that are worth paying attention to. As a rule, the 4 C’s still hold up when finding the best diamond. The cut, clarity, color and carat are all important components when buying diamonds.

The cut of the diamond can determine how sturdy it is. There are many popular cuts available including round, marquee, heart and others. The clarity is also very important when it comes to the strength of a diamond. The more clear a jewel is, the better the quality. The color is a personal preference. White diamonds are generally the most expensive, but many people prefer yellow for their vintage style. The carat will decide how large the actual diamond is. Depending on the carat, the price can greatly vary.

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