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engagement rings in east cobb ga

Engagement rings represent the love and devotion a couple shares. As one of the most important investments you will likely make in a lifetime, you’ll want to make the right decision. There are countless options to choose from when shopping for engagement rings, from timeless diamond rings to antique jewelry with brilliant gemstones. At Jewelry Artisans near East Cobb GA, you’ll discover an impressive selection of breathtaking engagement rings to make the moment you pop the question special and unique.

The Engagement Ring Setting

The setting of an engagement ring is what holds the center diamond, as well as any other diamonds or gems the piece may contain. It also plays a role in the overall design of the jewelry and can be found in four primary styles: prong, bezel, cathedral, and tension. If you prefer the focus to be on the diamond, opt for a prong setting which makes the stone visible from all sides.

The Shape

Diamonds are valued based on size, quality, color, cut, and clarity. However, ring shape is a characteristic that many buyers tend to focus on. For a more traditional engagement ring, consider timeless diamond shapes like round, emerald, or oval. For a more modern take on the engagement ring, consider marquise, asscher, pear, or radiant cuts. Cushion and princess cut engagement rings are also great choices.

The Style

The style of an engagement ring is majorly based on its setting. A solitaire setting is the most recognizable with a single diamond with a solid band or band with pave diamonds. You may also be interested in a ring with a center diamond and accent stones or a traditional three-stone setting with center diamond and two side diamonds.

Shop Engagement Rings

While shopping for an engagement ring at jewelry stores near East Cobb GA is no easy task, the effort is well worth the outcome. Start your search today at Jewelry Artisans near East Cobb GA.

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