Jewelry Repair in Atlanta GA

jewelry repairs in atlanta ga

Fine jewelry is susceptible to wear and tear, especially when the pieces are well loved. Jewelry repair helps keep your beloved collection lasting through generation after generation. Jewelry Artisans in Atlanta GA is here to assist with all your jewelry and watch repair needs.

Custom Repair Services

Each jewelry repair job is unique. With our expert team of in-house jewelers, we have the experience and equipment required to fix even the most complex jobs. With a state of the art laser welder on the premises, many jewelry and watch repair jobs can be done quickly. Chain soldering, clasp repairs, head replacements and more are offered at competitive prices. Jewelry Artisans understand how much you cherish your jewelry pieces and our goal is to reunite each owner with their heirloom as soon as possible.

jewelry repair in atlanta ga

Jewelry Restoration Services

Over the years, jewelry may start to show signs of age. Bring your pieces to our jewelry store in Atlanta GA to determine how we can rewind the clock on your jewelry. We can replace prongs in your engagement ring to secure your diamonds and colored gemstones. We are experts at watch repairs and even service high-end brands like Rolex. We can restring pearls and beads to restore necklaces and bracelets to their former glory. If you haven’t been able to wear rings due to sizing issues, bring them to our jewelers for resizing. Don’t forget to inquire about our polishing and inspection services. Professional jewelry cleaning is a simple way to renew your treasured jewelry pieces.

Jewelry Artisans in Atlanta GA has provided exceptional customer service to all clients for more than 45 years. Our expert jewelers are professional and courteous with the technical know-how to even repair pieces declared by others as irreparably damaged. Contact us today at (770) 393-0321 to discuss how we can help.

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