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The Hottest Name in Men’s Wedding Bands

At Jewelry Artisans, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection of jewelry lines. If you’re looking for men’s rings that make a real statement, Lashbrook may be the answer. So what sets Lashbrook a cut above the competition?

Lashbrook are Rings With a Unique Twist

Lashbrook rings come in two styles of materials. The classically-inspired pieces are made of traditional metals including 14k white gold. They feature a minimalist band, creating a striking and clean line on the hand. Some of these rings epitomize simplicity, letting the metal and craftsmanship make the statement. Others integrate accent grooves and milgrain into the overall design.

However, Lashbrook also uses more unusual metals and experimental processes. This award-winning selection of unique materials and techniques includes meteorite, carbon fiber, and more. Here’s a few highlights:

Hardwood. Nothing quite beats the warmth and timeless appeal of quality hardwood inlays. Lashbrook rings use ethically sourced hardwood that has been specially handled to maximize the beauty of the grain. Each ring is sealed with a layer of resin.

Meteorite. One of the rarest materials on Earth actually comes from beyond the planet itself. Lashbrook has inlaid some rings with Gibeon Meteorite from Namibia. The uniquely mottled crystalline structure of the meteorite is set off by traditional or contemporary metals.

Damascus Steel.. This ancient process of folding two layers of metals together has been revived in modern days. Strong yet flexible, Damascus can create everything from swords to a ring that cuts an unforgettable picture. Due to the manufacturing process, no two Damascus Steel rings look alike.

Finding Lashbrook Rings in Atlanta GA

Not every jewelry store carries Lashbrook, but Jewelry Artisans is proud to feature this line among our collections. Come by our jewelry store in Atlanta GA to find a ring that fits your unique style and see all the other amazing collections we have.

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