Get Your Custom Jewelry in Atlanta GA at Jewelry Artisans

Store-bought jewelry is nice and all, but what if you want something unique, unlike anyone has ever seen before? Whether it’s an engagement ring or another piece, you want to get your jewelry customized. Before you spend your time going to other jewelry stores, come to Jewelry Artisans in Atlanta GA. As our name explains, our jewelry store is known for artisan, custom jewelry. We have a rich, lengthy history in the Atlanta area, having opened our doors back in 1973. All along, we’ve been a family-run business.

Custom Engagement Rings in Atlanta GA

Most of our customers come to us seeking custom engagement rings. What better way to make the special woman in your life feel like a queen than with an engagement ring you designed yourself? It can happen at Jewelry Artisans. Once you visit our shop, our staff will sit down with you and listen to your plans for the ring. Our designer will start with a sketch of the ring. If you’re happy with that, they’ll transfer the sketch to the computer, generating a simulated image. This allows you to see the ring in 3D like it’ll be in real life.

Next, a wax model is constructed to show all the details of the ring. Finally, our master jewelers will get to making your engagement ring, using precious metal casting and real diamonds. You can get it engraved via machine or even by hand. You can count on us at Jewelry Artisans for customizing your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and wedding rings as well. Whatever project you envision, we strive to make it a reality.

Custom Jewelry Services

Our staff can also help you take care of your special investment. If the chains of a necklace or bracelet happen to snap, let us take care of it. We’ll restring those delicate beads or pearls so the jewelry looks good as new. We can even buff out your watch and fix it if it’s stopped working. If you’re ready to find out why we’re so renowned for our jewelry customization, then visit our Jewelry Artisans jewelry store today. Our address is 4500 Olde Perimeter Way and our phone number is 770-393-0321.