Jewelry Repair in Old Fourth Ward GA

Looking for jewelry repair services near Old Fourth Ward GA? Jewelry Artisans is at your service. Our expert jewelry repair technicians are available to make your most precious fine jewelry pieces beautiful once again. Our jewelry store performs repairs in house with quick turnaround times to ensure you get all of your items back as quickly as possible.

Fixing Jewelry in Fourth Ward GA

Jewelry Artisans can do a variety of repairs to fix broken items. Over time,chains may break, prongs may loosen, or clasps can snap. We are available for any of these repair requests as well as services such as pearl restringing, ring resizing, and stone tightening. Our experienced jewelry repair team use laser welders to make difficult repairs that other jewelers cannot. Certified technicians are also onsite to complete watch repair jobs. Common timepiece service requests include battery replacements, bracelet resizing, and movement repairs.

 Jewelry in Fourth Ward GA

Watch Repair Near Fourth Ward GA

When it comes to that old or broken watch, Jewelry Artisans can help to renew that forgotten piece. Watches have always held a special place for many and most of the time, expensive watches are passed down. Let Jewelry Artisans help to keep the memory and family watch for another 100 years. Stop by today and let our watch repair expert help you with revitalizing your watch.

Jewelry Repair Near Fourth Ward GA

Bring in any of your jewelry items in need of jewelry repair near Old Fourth Ward GA to Jewelry Artisans, the premium jewelry store in the Old Fourth Ward GA area. Our team will inspect each piece to assess what repairs are needed. With jewelry and watch maintenance service appointments, we can also assist with extending the lifetime of your jewelry. Jewelry Artisans is a 20-minute drive from Fourth Ward GA and is located at 4500 Olde Perimeter Way, Atlanta, GA 30346.